A: We do not recommend it, as the type of insurance cover that would benefit you – ‘marine cargo partial loss insurance’ – is often prohibitively expensive.  As in 3-4% of the declared value of your goods expensive, if not more.

Just to clarify, for some reason the class of insurance we are discussing is mainly called ‘marine cargo’, even if no ship is involved.  It is divided into either ‘total loss’ or ‘partial loss’.  The former would involve basically an accident with our truck, and the consequent destruction of everything or nearly everything it is carrying.  The latter would involve the truck arriving fine but selected things within the load having been damaged.  This damage could have had any cause as long as it happened in transit (including packing and unpacking).

The good news for you is that for a ‘total loss’, you are already insured when you choose Strathbogie Removals & Trucking.  We carry ‘Carrier Goods in Transit’ (CGIT) insurance for $150,000 with a $500 excess.  This would cover both a ‘total loss’ and partial losses only where it is our fault – i.e. we loaded a large flat screen TV right next to a Webber barbie with no blankets and the TV cracked.  As we are far too careful to allow something like this to happen, we don’t envision ever claiming on our CGIT insurance for a partial loss (and hopefully never for a ‘total loss’ either!).

This leaves you uninsured for a ‘partial loss’ that is not our fault.  This would primarily be breakage within boxes that you have packed, which we do not take responsibility for (as we have no control over the quality of your packing).  It would be caused mainly by vibration within the truck or the truck hitting a bad pothole, for instance.  As we said in the beginning, this type of insurance can be very expensive – 3-4% of the declared value – and, if online reports are to be believed, can be difficult to claim on as well.  So we do not recommend it unless you have something that, if it breaks, you really need cash to replace it.  Probably in the household goods space the only thing we could think of that would meet this criterion would be delicate and expensive machinery, such as a photocopier.