A: For jobs requiring an overnight stay (this is jobs greater than 12 hours where the truck cannot return to Violet Town, VIC for the night), there is a slight complication to calculating by hourly rate.  And that complication is that the crew will knock off for the night somewhere, relax, eat and sleep; so the elapsed time is not the same as the work time.

For these jobs, the expected work time – including transit from and to Violet Town VIC, loading, transit, and unloading – is calculated.  Say it is 18 hours, for example.  This is then calculated using the normal method of (hourly rate) X 18.  And then to that figure is added $200 per night away – $100 for a motel and $100 for meals for the crew for the trip.  An additional $200 will be added for each night away, and the distance between stops is calculated by 12 hours work time per day.  Note that there is no profit in this for our company – motels average about $100 a night for 2-3 guests, and the other $100 is given directly to the crew for their meals.