A: ‘Full-service’ is just another way of saying that in addition to moving your items safely from point to point, we also pack your items for you.  Packing means wrapping anything remotely fragile with bubble wrap (that’s what we use; some competitors use butcher’s paper), placing in boxes (which we provide), and labelling the contents.  Be warned – this is an expensive option and not something we recommend if you have time to avoid it.  By ‘expensive’ we mean probably a bare minimum of $1,000 over and above the moving costs and going up from there based on the amount of things you have.  And we are not expensive among professional removalists – most will charge comparable rates or even more.  We make virtually nothing (and sometimes exactly nothing) on the packing service we offer as it really does take a lot of labour to pack up a house full of nik naks properly (carefully wrapping all fragile pieces before boxing).

A ‘standard’ move is just a move without the packing service.  All larger items such as furniture still do get wrapped in blankets for protection whilst in transit in the truck, but we expect that you will have put all the little fiddly bits into boxes or tubs or bags and packed them properly yourself.