1. A: First of all, relax; take a few deep breaths; possibly prepare a hot tea, coffee or cocoa. Moving is stressful for everybody but you can and will get through it.

Then, CALL US and we will offer you free, in-depth, unbiased advice.  We have everything you need – advice, materials, a moving checklist – to get back on track!  Possibly we may recommend another avenue rather than using us, but probably we can help you.

Realise that if you have left it to the last minute and nothing is ready, then you have only three choices:

  1. On the day, literally throw your precious things holus bolus into a hired truck or trailer. We would NEVER participate in this course of action, recommend it, or fail to give you a dire warning about the consequences; but it is a choice.
  2. Invest in some high-content caffeinated beverages of your choice and start working late night(s) to get it all done. Get friends, family, and those who owe you favours to chip in!  Need boxes, bubble wrap, tape, advice, words of support? – we can provide all of those to you!
  3. Pay us to do a full-service move and pack and prepare everything for you. Be warned – this is an expensive option and not something we recommend if you have time to avoid it.  By ‘expensive’ we mean probably a bare minimum of $1,000 over and above the moving costs and going up from there based on the amount of things you have.  And we are not expensive among professional removalists – most will charge comparable rates or even more.  We make virtually nothing (and sometimes exactly nothing) on the packing service we offer as it really does take a lot of labour to pack up a house full of nik naks properly (carefully wrapping all fragile pieces before boxing).

The above 3 choices really mirror the old project management chestnut of the ‘triangle’ of Quality, Time, or Cost.  When your back is against the wall, one of the legs of the ‘triangle’ will blow out; Choice 1 is allowing Quality to suffer, which we will never participate in; Choice 2 is having Time blow out, specifically the labour time of you and anyone ‘free’ you can rope in; Choice 3 is having Cost skyrocket, specifically the cost we or any competitor will charge you for a full-service move.

Choice 2 is what we’ll strongly recommend at the first instance, but if you really are in kangaroo-in-headlights mode and your fluster level is ‘going up to eleven’, then we will work with you to implement Choice 3 and get it all done!