A: You could do that, and many people do.  But if you want to keep your furniture and valuables safe, you will need to hire not only the truck, but also hire/buy a decent trolley (hint: cheap hardware-store imported ones often won’t do the job!), dollies, blankets, possibly lifting straps, and possibly ramps.  Don’t forget the truck hire people will require you to purchase their insurance and need you to return it filled with diesel.  Also don’t forget that car-licence rental trucks are usually 15m3, so if you have more than about a 2-bedroom place, you’re into multiple trip territory (fine if around the corner but a lot of extra rental time and $$$ if across the state!).  By the time you’ve done all that you will have probably spent nearly as much as we charge, and quite possibly more.  Add to that the fact that your mates working for a slab of beer don’t know all the tricks to avoid dinging walls and scuffing, scratching or breaking your furniture.  Our professional removalists, with many decades of experience between us, DO know how to get your precious things in and out with a minimum of fuss and no damage to house or furniture.