A: As soon as you can.  That is a true answer, but not a terribly helpful one, as every person’s move is slightly different (except for the Borg on Star Trek – they are all the same).  Download our Moving House Checklist which will have some timeframes on it, and we would recommend doing this at least 3 months in advance if possible.

But the largest task you will have to do is packing boxes, and just as a baseline – we would recommend using the box-a-day plus 7 method.  And that is, try and set yourself the goal of packing at least one box a day as many days out as you expect there to be boxes, plus 7 days.  If you expect 40 boxes, start 47 days out, starting with the least important/urgent stuff to be packed.  The last 7 days, by the way, is for prepping your furniture and/or time overruns and/or way more boxes than you thought and/or going to chillax and watch a movie marathon because you’re already done with 7 days to spare!