A: Download our moving checklist!

Download Checklist

Everything you need to know and do is there, but just as a synopsis for the major points:

  • Make sure all things that are NOT coming with us, for whatever reason, are clearly labelled and/or set off to the side
  • Make sure all furniture is empty of contents and those contents are boxed or tubbed or bagged and labelled
  • Pack items in appropriate containers – don’t put fragile unwrapped items in bags, for instance. For things that are very fragile, pack them carefully and label the box or tub ‘FRAGILE’.  But don’t fall into the trap of labelling every single box and tub ‘FRAGILE’ – if everything is so labelled, we don’t know which to really look out for!
  • Electronics to be unplugged
  • Furniture that needs to be disassembled (such as beds), disassembled IF POSSIBLE. If not possible for whatever reason, don’t sweat it – we can and will happily disassemble for you; it just means a bit of extra time for us and therefore a bit of extra $$$ for you
  • Obstructions to our most direct path out to the truck, such as cars parked in the driveway, moved out of the way before we arrive

The above points, by the way, are for ‘standard’ moves…if you have opted for a ‘full-service’ move where we pack, basically the only thing you have to worry about is the first point – identify anything that is NOT coming – and walk away and we will take care of the rest…