A: Our charge is calculated by multiplying the quoted hourly rate by the total hours spent on your job including transit to and from Violet Town, VIC (where the trucks are domiciled), and reasonable breaks.

That is it – there are NO fuel surcharges nor any out-of-area charges, nor any other charges of ANY kind.  We believe in a simple and transparent pricing structure.  Things get just a bit more complicated for jobs involving an overnight stay (see the question on that for detail), but for jobs that can be finished in a day, it is just (hourly rate) X (time elapsed).

You may be wondering what ‘reasonable breaks’ are and why we are not covering them free of charge.  And the first part of the answer is that they are whatever is ‘reasonable’ given the stress of the job and the environment/temperature.  Probably 30 minutes per 8 hours for a cool, dry day with light things and probably up to 90 minutes per 8 hours for a 45 degree day with 100% humidity and lead-lined furniture.  The second part of the answer is that we believe strongly that our employees will not abuse the amount of breaks they’re taking (they are good people) and that they will do a better, faster, safer, more efficient job by taking breaks when they need them. So in short, we think you will get more value from 8 hours with proper breaks than from 8 hours ‘nose to the grindstone’ where ‘breaks’ are replaced with ‘breakage’ of either your things or our employees’ backs.